Maymouna is a Senior studying at Barnard College. Join us as we talk about how going to Barnard was in her life plan. She explains how she navigates the intersections of her identity within the political sphere, the reality of D&I in elite institutions, and her thoughts going into her final year of undergrad.

Aisha is a first-year student studying at Cornell University. Join us as we go in depth about the college process and how she chose her school. We chat about the misconceptions that come with going to an Ivy League, the toxicity that can exist within Greek life, and how to maintain a healthy mindset in the midst of a challenging college schedule.

Ferdinando is a third year medical student and Juan is a second year medical student both studying at Santa Casa, a university located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Join us as we discuss their  decision making process in attending medical school right after high school. We chat about the differences between how the U.S. and Brazil view public schools vs. private schools, what it means to live under a Universal Healthcare system, and the daily challenges of a medical school student living in Brazil.


Dowha is a Junior studying healthcare studies pre-physician’s assistant track at University of Richmond. Daneva is Junior studying neuroscience at Brown University. Join us as we continue the study abroad series and talk about their journey getting to their universities. We talk about what it’s like being a woman of color on predominantly white campuses, the unconscious self-segregation of people on campus that goes beyond race, and how we are figuring out our own positionality traveling the world.

Molly is a Junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology at Colorado College. Join us as we talk about how she made her college decision financially viable for her family and how she revitalized her love for dance and choreography when she reached college. Learn about what it means to be a Catholic on a secular campus, the challenges faced studying abroad, and fun facts on public health systems during an H-Suite Trivia game!

Grace is a junior at Bryn Mawr College studying English with a Health Studies minor. She lives in Boston and studied abroad with me during the fall 2019 semester. Join us as we talk about how she dealt with feeling isolated on her campus her first year of college, the inaccessibility in research writing, and how people try to “out-woke” each other on social media.

Roberta is a Junior studying Economics and minoring in Education at Barnard College. Join us as we talk about her journey to college and the decision-making process she went through in choosing education as her focus of study. Learn about the education requirements needed to get a teaching certification, our opinions on standardized testing in our education system, and what it takes to be a valuable teacher.

Phanesia is a Junior studying Theater and Urban Studies at Barnard College. She has been interested in pursuing theater from a young age and has found her calling in play writing. Join us as we talk about the racism she has faced within the theater industry and how she deals with the critiques concerning the validity of her career choice.

Jade is a junior at Barnard College studying Econ-Political Science and Urban Studies. We discuss the success of the No More Names panel discussion she hosted to voice the concerns of people of color who face police brutality. Learn about the Barnard Spring Thrift store, challenges she faced designing for Afropolitan, and her travels to China teaching English.

November 30, 2019

Success Series: Ep.1 Tina Gao

Tina is a junior studying Economics and Social History at Barnard College. Join us as we talk about how she advocated for her mother when she was arrested by ICE.  Follow along as she gives tips and tricks for dating on tinder, our take on the ethics of business hiring practices, and her experience interning with both NGOs and corporations.

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